Frequently asked questions

Can I promote my business on Bizbuzz?

Yes, we've provided some fantastic ways for you to promote your business on Bizbuzz - but in order to make the site a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy, we also have some rules. People who do not follow the rules may have content removed, or even be banned.

What you can do:

  • Create a profile for yourself which tells people about who you are, your interests, etc. When you create content or participate in certain areas of the site, a link is automatically created to your profile.
  • Create a directory listing for your business which tells people about your business, and the products and services you offer. (A premium directory listing will allow you to provide more information than a free basic listing). Your listing will be shown on your profile, but may also appear in other places on Bizbuzz.
  • Add a short signature to your details which will show in places like the forums when you post something.
  • If your business is a multi-level or network marketing business, you may promote the products and services, but not the business opportunity itself.

What you can't do:

  • Promote any specific multi-level or network marketing business, franchise, affiliate scheme, joint venture or business opportunity. Your content will be deleted and you could be banned.
  • Spam other members of the site in any way, including by email and through comments or posts on their profile or wall.
  • Overtly promote your business in content other than your directory listing.
  • Be a nuisance to other users.

See our terms of use for more detail. As the Internet changes, our rules need to change to keep up so they may change from time to time. The purpose will always be to make the site business-focused, useful and friendly without overtly pushy promotion by any user, and without anyone feeling uncomfortable, spammed or pressured.

How can I get authenticated?

Authenticated users have access to functionality on Bizbuzz, like the ability to create Profiles, Directory Listings and Articles.

When you register on the site, you will be sent an email. Clicking the link in the email validates your registration and you become an authenticated member.

If you haven't received an email, or you never clicked the link, you can login to your account and send yourself another validation email. (If this option is not shown, you have already been authenticated.

If you are having trouble with this, let us know and we can help.

How can other users on Bizbuzz contact me?

You'll notice we do not publish your email address as this makes it possible for spammers to harvest and abuse it. Every user, however, has the ability to activate a safe contact form to allow other users of the web site to contact them.

If your contact settings have been set to allow a personal contact form, other users will be able to contact you through Bizbuzz without your email address being given to them. Bizbuzz does not see your mail but your email address is protected.

To enable or disable your personal contact form, go to your Profile if you've added one, or your user account if you haven't, and click "Edit". Select or unselect the checkbox under the "Contact settings" heading.

How do I add my profile to Bizbuzz?

Adding your profile to Bizbuzz will enable your information to appear in the Members' section of Bizbuzz, or, for instance, in the information displayed about an author. You need to register first, and verify your account. Then when you are logged in, you can click the link in the box to the right of the screen to create your profile. Profiles may be edited to comply with site policies.

How do I change my subscriptions to your newsletters?

While we provide several ways to subscribe to or unsubscribe from our newsletters, and to manage your preferences, this data is linked to your user account. The easiest way to unsubscribe is by clicking the link at the bottom of every email. It is possible to change your preferences in your user account or profile too.

How do I change or delete my Profile or my Directory Listing?

You need to log in to change or change or delete any of your details or content. Most content has automatically shows you these options if you are logged in with the same account details as you used when you created it. Some users have more than one account, which can cause confusion. If you are having trouble changing or deleting any of your content, please contact us and we can help.

How do I list my business in the Bizbuzz directory (and what does it cost)?

It is free to list your business in the Bizbuzz directory. You need to register first, and be logged in. Directory Listings may be rejected or edited if they don't comply with site policies.

I have created content but it does not appear to be showing up

We allow some content to be published straight away, some goes into moderation, some is reviewed before publication and some may be flagged as inappropriate and be temporarily disabled or, if warranted, permanently deleted. Unless it is deleted, the user who submitted it can see it, but the community at large can't. In some browsers, unpublished material shows up with a pale pink border around it. Our editorial team may also choose to promote certain content to the front page of the site (usually articles), or to schedule them for publication on a particular date. If your material has not been published within 3 working days, please feel free to follow up with us.

I have subscribed to your newsletters but am not receiving them.

This one frustrates us as much as it does you! Unfortunately the smooth delivery of email may encounter challenges along the way in the form of well-meaning ISPs, spam filters and security/mail management software. All of these are triggered in different ways, and while we do our best to avoid them, it's not always something within our control. We suggest you do the following: 1. Make sure you have completed the opt-in process. We do not send email newsletters to anyone who has not clicked the link in the email we send out on registration, to confirm a subscription. 2. Check your spam folder. 3. Add our email address thehive(at) to your address book 4. Check whether any software on your computer is catching this mail (do you have special folders set up or an alert on the software's dashboard)? 5. Check whether your ISP is intercepting or rejecting the email. 6. Some people find that by setting up another free account, such as a gmail account, they can get around any other problems they are having receiving it. 7. We do have an online version of every email newsletter.

I keep getting an "Access denied" or similar message

There could be several reasons for this. It's possible you are encountering a bug we haven't found yet. Please let us know you are having trouble. Letting us know the URLs or pages you were going from and to is very helpful.

There are times you may be logged out on purpose (such as when you use the browser's back button) to ensure security.

I'd like to contribute an article

Fantastic! Once you have registered, you can do so very easily. As soon as you are registered and authenticated, you will see a link to Submit an Article. Articles may not be published straight away as our editorial team review and approve them. We welcome objective, editorial contributions from the Bizbuzz community and it's a great way to showcase your expertise.

I'm having trouble using the editor to paste or format content

We've tried to make the editor as easy as possible and, in many places, have provided a Word-like WYSIWYG editor. How it displays and functions may depend on the browser you are using.

If you are having problems with it, the best solution is to copy all your content into Notepad or some other plain text editor (Word adds all sorts of code you can't see but the editor might not like), and then into the editor. You can then  format it using the font and layout options provided.

Please also tell us about the problem, stating which page you were on and which browser you were using. We will do what we can to make this as easy to use as possible.

Our editor has a code-stripping function to get rid of code added by programmes such as Word. Sometimes your copy will disappear altogether when you paste it in. Using the above solution with Notepad should work.

People are contacting me through my Bizbuzz contact form when I don't want them to

We have anumber of spam control measures on our site, so if spammers have found a way around them, please let us know so we can make any necessary changes.

If you are getting unwanted emails, you can turn your own personal contact form off. This will mean no contact form spam but obviously you will not be able to be contacted directly via Bizbuzz by anyone if you do this. You will find the setting to turn off the contact form on your main account page.

What are roles and how do I apply for one or more?

Bizbuzz encourages members of the Bizbuzz community to get involved in the site. We have created a number of roles with special privileges, and we invite you to put your hand up for one or more of them. All roles help you raise your profile on Bizbuzz.

Currently, roles include:

Contributor - regularly providing quality articles for publication. Contributors bypass some of the editorial red tape and have their content published more quickly and regularly, as well as having access to a text editor with more functionality.

Moderator - helping ensure Forums stay clean, friendly and focussed.

Expert - Experts for a variety of subject areas answer questions on their speciality topic(s). The number of experts per topic is strictly limited.

Event organiser - Event organisers are given the ability to add events directly to the Calendar of Events. Strict criteria apply. If you wish to apply for a role, go to your Profile page, and click "Apply for role" at the top of the page.

What's the difference between a blog and an article (and which should I use)?

We make a clear distinction between blogs and articles.

A blog is most suited to expressing personal opinions, discussing issues, providing a "voice" for an individual, and engaging with others. It's about letting your personality show and forming a personal connection with your readers.

An article is more objective, providing "how-to" or similar material to help an audience understand a business-related topic better or achieve greater success in their business. It's all about showcasing your expertise.

Every user on Bizbuzz can have their own blog! You create and publish it as you see fit. (We do monitor appropriate content). All blogs add to the conversations happening in the Community section of the site.

Articles go through a more formal approval process. Our editorial team approve them, make sure they are in the right categories, may edit them and may promote them to the home page. All users are welcome to post articles for consideration. If you successfully apply for a role as a Contributor, the process is quicker and easier - but you don't need to be a Contributor to start writing!

Why can I not edit my content?

If you have previously submitted content and you are now unable to edit it, please contact us.

Some of our previous settings have been changed, and we probably need to make a minor adjustment to allow you to edit your material again.

Why can't I list my email address so people can contact me?

Listing your email address means that web-crawling robots can "scrape" or "harvest" your email address. Often it is then added to an email list and sold to or used by spammers.

People can still contact you through your personal contact form (see FAQ for how to set this up). This is a safer way to allow other users to contact you.  We discourage you from sharing your email elsewhere on the site (forums, blogs, articles, comments, etc.) as anywhere it appears on a web page it can be picked up as detailed above.

Why is there a faint background colour on something I've posted?

This is because you have saved content but it is not yet published.

If you click the edit button to go back to the edit screen for the content you have created, you may be able to select a "Publish" option.

We use different levels of moderation for different types of content, so even if you have published the material, it may need to be approved before being publicly available. Our automated moderation system will have alerted an editor to check it out. This process may take a couple of days.

If it's 3 or more days since you created the material and you haven't seen the content go live, please feel free to follow up with us.

Your article numbers don't add up - what's up?

When you first look at the numbers of articles in each category and sub-category, it can be confusing if you're trying to add them up. You will notice that if you add all the sub-category subtotals together, they often don't equal the category total.

This is actually by design. Some articles are loaded into the top-level category without being assigned a sub-category because they may be more relevant to the topic in general than to one or more of the subcategories. Articles which are relevant to more than one category can be indexed in both. The numbers accurately represent the number of articles assigned to that category or sub-category. We suggest you don't try adding them up as you will probably go as scatty as we did when we were testing the site!