Have you flossed your marketing recently?

Making marketing a regular part of your business routine can be a pain, but it's essential if you want your business to grow. Cornelia Luethi helps make it a little easier

Some jobs are a real chore - just like flossing your teeth: you know that doing it is good for you, but it doesn’t make the job any more enjoyable. <P >Here’s how you can make those painful marketing tasks just a little bit easier…

Ooh, don't the Hollywood celebs look fab with their super white teeth?
Ever since I was a kid I've admired people with white teeth and strive to have that same sparkling smile myself.

But flossing? Ewww!
Yes, I know it's really important and that it keeps teeth white and gums healthy. But I just don’t enjoy flossing. And it's all too easy to "forget" tasks we don't enjoy. <P >The way I feel about flossing is how many small business owners feel about marketing. It’s something they know is important, but it's just a bit icky and they'd rather just forget about it.

Be brave - grab that marketing floss!
Have a think: which marketing task that you've been putting off would make the biggest positive impact on your business?

Perhaps it's:

  • Working on your newsletter
  • Updating your social media status
  • Adding new content to your website
  • Writing an article
  • Making follow-up phone calls to your prospects
  • Courtesy calls to your clients.

The important thing is that you firstly identify it - and then diarise it in a way you can't ignore.

Is there a tool that can help you?
I've identified that part of the reason I dislike flossing so much is because I detest floss tape. All that wrapping it round your fingers is icky. And then it either gets slimy and slips, or cuts off the circulation in my finger tips because it's too tightly wound. Hideous!

To avoid that, and to make a yucky task slightly more bearable, I now use hand-held disposable flossers. They're far less icky and I don’t mind flossing quite as much. OK, it's still not my favourite task, but at least it's bearable.

Again, the same applies to your marketing: finding a tool or technique that’ll make those icky jobs a bit more pleasant.

What's your missing tool?
Think back to your list of marketing tasks that you've been putting off: is there a tool that could make those more bearable?

  • Maybe a new software programme would help you with your newsletter?
  • Or training on how to get the most out of your existing software?
  • A sales training course would make those customer calls less daunting?
  • Perhaps you could engage some outside help with marketing or copywriting?

Whatever it is, do it!
After all, you're the one responsible for your marketing (and your teeth).

While you may struggle to find someone to floss your teeth for you, at least it’s relatively easy to get help with marketing problems. ;-)


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