What is your opinion regarding whether it is OK to show a street address as a business mailing address?

As I work from home, I have my private street address on my website. Someone commented that this compromises my security as well as gives an unprofessional impression. However I am reluctant to get a PO Box as I get so little by mail these days (most is sent on line) and it will just be a time waster having to go to the PO to check the box. What do you think?
We actually agree with your friend that the best solution is not to advertise your home address. Apart from security, which can definitely be a concern, have you thought about the possibility of customers turning up on your doorstep uninvited, and possibly outside business hours? While we believe home-based businesses have gained in credibility over the past decade or so, there is still some way to go and, depending on the industry you are working in, it may be a drawback.
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