Help with Inventory start up

I have an idea for a home based business but am unsure of the start up inventory for this idea. The idea is for a mosaic supplies in NZ. Do I purchase 10 popular items (and 10 of each) and see what's selling and what's not then purchase more as needed OR do I go all out and purchase a lot and just jump into the idea feet first. My problem also is finding suppliers willing to sell me items without a tax certificate which I don't really want to do until I see if me idea is going to have people interested in buying my items.

Hi there

Good to see someone starting the new year with an idea. However this idea needs more details before we can really help. I know very little about mosiacs, but a quick google showed you have some competition out there. While their classes are obviously location based, they all seem to offer on-line supplies.

Do I need to register a freelance business?

Hi There, I am currently getting my freelance business on web designing up and running. I work from home but client doesn't come to me. Is there any rules to say that I "need" to register my business? And how will this affect my client as my service to them will be considered as company's expenses. Thank you.
Basically no. There are some rules covering things like hazardous materials, food, health and safety, business traffic etc, but in this case it doesn't sound like there are any issues for you to consider.

I Am in the process of starting my own homemade candel buisness, I am not sure if I need permits to do this and what rules and regulations are in place! thanks

Well it's New Years eve and no-one has yet answered this - so I'm going to do my best. Bear in mind it's impossible to be specific without knowing where you live, because there are various bodies involved - including local councils. Obviously there are also national bodies - like OSH, etc.

"Do i need to have a license or a permit before starting a home business"

On the whole, you do not need a licence or permit just to run a business from home. However, certain types of business do need to comply with certain regulations and in some instances there may be restrictions on operating a business from home. With regard to whether you can operate a business from home in your area, your local council's district plan may detail some restrictions. Generally, though, you are unlikely to have an issue unless you cause a nuisance, e.g. extra traffic, overusing available on-street parking, causing an eyesore, smell or hazard, creating lots of waste, etc.

Do i need to have a license or a permit before starting a home business

No - you don't need a permit to run a home business. However there are some exceptions to the principal. There are two sorts of exceptions - general and specific.

The general ones might include different rules imposed by councils around the country. If you're business is like mine, and all done over the internet, then there's no problem. However if it involved flammable goods, or people coming to your place, then the council could be interested. The issue of people coming would generally be based on their effect on the neighboutrhood - parking, noise, etc.

Business partnership. I am in the process of setting up my first business in a partnership with two others, should I be asking for majority share?

Our business will potentially be split 40% 40% 20%, it has been my dream to start this business, and in the unlikely situation that things turn sour, I want to be potentially able to walk away with what I started, Eg Company name and clients. I am bringing 90% intellectual property to the business, where my business partners will bring clients and previous Business skills. Is it beneficial for me to have say 41% share and the others have 40% 19% share, or is this just something that can be written into the business agreement? Also the other 2 shareholders are Father and Son, I assume something should be written into the agreement that states their combined share cannot overrule my decision? Am I asking the right people or should I contact a Lawyer?
I'll start at the end first and say you should definitely consult a lawyer as well. The sorts of questions you raise are genuine concerns, and hopefully this deal will proceed along expected lines. But if it strikes problems, you need to have covered it up front. Once problems strike it can be hard to come to any meaningful agreement - so it is imperative you all work through "what if" scenarios just in case.

Starting up a small PC repair business

So i'm wanting to start repairing computers as a sideline job to my current study. I just got my first computer technician qualification and was just going to fix computers from my small office i have setup and home that i use to repair friends computers. If i make under a certain amount do i still pay GST? or if i just operate from home am i free to do it without any costs? Is there anything else i need to do/know? Thanks

"So i'm wanting to start repairing computers as a sideline job to my current study."

Well, that's really fairly simple - although it can get more complicated quite quickly.

"I just got my first computer technician qualification and was just going to fix computers from my small office i have setup and home that i use to repair friends computers."

Hello, I have what I believe is a good idea, however I don't know where to take it. The product already exists and my idea is additional and complimentary to the existing product. If I contact the manufacturer, how do I protect my idea?

I have not seen the product presented in New Zealand in this way.
This is always an interesting stage for a business to be at and it is important to get to it is right. It's important to do your homework well and in the long run, how will you do it will probably determine how successful your business is.

What company is best for sending computer messages to cell phones?

I am wanting to start a company where people subscribe to information and would like to send it from the computer. It would be about 10 words and sending firstly in NZ and then Australia all going well.

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately our experts are unable to recommend specific products or sites as per your request. You should find plenty of information on Google about such companies. If you would like to ask questions about what aspects to keep in mind when comparing products, please feel free to post that here.


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