Hello and calling all arts and crafts businesses

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Hello and calling all arts and crafts businesses

Hello and calling all arts and crafts businesses

Hello All, 

I've been working from home as a freelance editor since August, and have now also launched another project.

I am a keen arts and crafts enthusiast and after spending too much of my precious hobby time online doing various searches for the right craft materials for my projects I have launched the New Zealand Craft Hub - a directory for all things crafts. Now crafters can find everything they want in ONE place.

That's the goal anyway. I also plan to develop the site into a large craft club with forum, events and classified ads for members. At the moment I am focussing on populating the directory, so if you have an arts or craft business, whether it be selling supplies, teaching art and crafts, or selling your crafts online or at markets I have a place for you in my directory: http://www.nzcrafthub.co.nz.

One-year directory listings are FREE for a limited period so be quick to sign up - go to http://www.nzcrafthub.co.nz/pa..., select the category you want your listing to appear in and then fill in the form.

Many thanks and kind regards to all you bizy bees.


Hi Skye - that sounds like a

Hi Skye - that sounds like a great idea. Personally I have not a creative bone in my body - three left thumbs and feet ;-) but my mother was into crafts, as is my wife, so have some exposure to the area. Have seen some downward trends in the area for various rreasons, but creating this seems like a real plus.

Have you considered creating a forum on Neighbourly? Certainly a likely way to spread the word if you can get nationwide coverage rather than just your local area. (May cost?)

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Hi, I have just found this

Hi, I have just found this page thanks to another small business owner putting me on to it. I have already signed up with you via Facebook advertising (just letting you know its working). 

Lovely, Ruth - good to know

Lovely, Ruth - good to know word of mouth is working and it's great to have you here. We look forward to getting to know you too.