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Heather Douglas's picture
21 Apr 2017

One of the issues for self-employed people is the way income can fluctuate quite markedly. It's often referred to the feast-or-famine effect.

While it's just part of running one's own business, it can be pretty frustrating not knowing how much money is going to be coming in, or at least...

Colin Kennedy's picture
22 Jun 2016

Some people will be familiar with the story about how American Marcus Sheridan turned his swimming pool company around during the recession by cancelling his annual advertising spend of $250k to less than a tenth of that.

Instead of advertising, he turned to...

Ashley Bryan's picture
23 Mar 2017

In the modern business world, making quick, smart business decisions ensures that you stay ahead of the competition. But making the right decisions can be quite difficult when you don’t have the right kind of information at hand. Credit-...

Svetlana Strizheva's picture
30 May 2016

You shouldn't forget about the end of the TAX period of submission of returns - till July 07

There was the last month (June) for preparation and submission of annual tax returns. This month will be very important and saturated. There are some mistakes which taxpayers can make. One of them...

Mark Sutherland's picture
14 Mar 2017

Are you in-between winning and losing in business? Are you an in-betweener? In-between good and great; in-between stagnating and growth; in-between walking and running; in-between not making a decision and making a decision.

When I was coaching international...

Simon Meikle's picture
09 Apr 2016

An employment law specialist is what you will need if are an employee and your employer offered you a compromise agreement. You need to receive a legal guidance or advice from an employment law specialist so that you won’t be making any decisions you will...

Ashley Bryan's picture
24 Feb 2017

Now that 2016 is over and 2017 is here, it’s a great time to look back at the previous year for SEO lessons that can be applied this year to help improve our SEO strategies. Whether your SEO efforts were successful last year or mired in setbacks, putting together a strategy early for this year...

Stew Robertson's picture
09 Apr 2016

This may be the best place to camp in New Zealand. It's certainly the best place to tour when you're looking for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Visitors enjoy hiking through the woods, visiting the lovely beaches, fishing, and hunting, camping, biking, and even scuba...

Ashley Bryan's picture
10 Feb 2017

An office is arguably the most important facility for any business. It acts as the nerve centre of the entire operation as well as the connecting link between the business and its customers and stakeholders. Although crucial to the business, finding dedicated office space for your company can be...

Heather Douglas's picture
18 Jun 2015

I've been self-employed and working from home for over twenty years.

In fact, I have become quite an expert at it.

You know what I mean - hanging the laundry before reading the emails, chucking a meal in the slow cooker when you take a quick lunch break, providing company for the...

Ashley Bryan's picture
31 Jan 2017

As a business grows, quite a number of changes have to be made to position it strategically in the marketplace. And because most of us aren’t as receptive to change as we think we are, this can cause quite a bit of a problem. That’s because when not managed properly, change will result in...

Heather Douglas's picture
15 May 2015

Here are some useful suggestions for Wellington businesses currently facing a clean-up - but they would apply to most small businesses in many circumstances where a business experiences unexpected damage.

Karen Stevens, Insurance & Savings Ombudsman, advises residents affected by...

Ashley Bryan's picture
28 Nov 2016

Search Engine Optimisation is always changing. What improves your ranking today might be the thing that lowers it tomorrow. It is for this reason that SEOs aren’t allowed to get comfy with their strategies, but rather keep adapting for continued success in 2017

In the SEO game, you need...

Stuart Wills's picture
14 May 2015

With our business based in West Auckland and being involved in networking groups like BNI it made sense to set up a business directory where local businesses could get listed.

It is about locals doing business with locals.

So, if you are in Westgate or the surronding area's then...

Heather Douglas's picture
19 Aug 2016

I recently agreed to be interviewed by Kiwi Mum Janine Ogg, co-host of the Get It Done Mum podcast. Janine has kindly invited me to share this with the Bizbuzz community.

This was a first on two fronts - my first podcast interview AND the first time I have shared the inside story of Biz...

Sarah Lochead-MacMillan's picture
04 May 2015

As a small business owner you are often the top sales person in yoru company. You need a result every time nd need to maximise your sales approaches to prodcue the best results.

1. Do your homework

Anything you can do to learn about the person or people that you...

Stuart Wills's picture
07 Aug 2016

As a Kiwi today it is easy to think of the manner in which many of my country people strive for excellence as I watch the Hurricanes on television and think of the Olympic team getting ready to compete. In Business We Strive For Excellence Most people go into business with the intention of being...

Sandra Tibble's picture
18 Dec 2014

Hi there,

Where do you go to get financial assistance when you are in a small business?

The obvious is the bank, family, partnerships and other types of loans from the NZ Government.

Most of these options are local institutions that lend out money.  Where does this money...