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Does marketing feel like you’re throwing money down the drain?

You know you need to do marketing to grow your business – but what should you be focusing on? What’s actually going to deliver real results?

When marketing costs you more than it delivers on results, it’s extremely frustrating. And what’s frustrating is that you don’t know where you went wrong. You’ve spent the money – so why aren’t your sales increasing?

It doesn’t help that marketing is so confusing. Every person you speak to probably has their own view on what you should be doing. The result: you’re totally confused!

Stop the confusion and check out the marketing articles and resources at They're especially for small business owners, with tips you can implement (and get results from) right away.

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Making marketing a regular part of your business routine can be a pain, but it's essential if you want your business to grow. Cornelia Luethi helps make it a little easier
05 Jul 2017
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One of the golden rules of marketing is to make it easy for customers to buy from you. But how do you give customers an easy, pleasant buying experience? Cornelia Luethi shares 4 simple tips to providing a great buying experience for your customers.
07 Mar 2016
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You've sweated and toiled over your marketing piece. But despite all that effort you've put in, most readers won't even read what you've written. Cornelia Luethi shares a powerful (but often overlooked) way of doubling your readership.
24 Jun 2015
Is it a case of love-at-first-sight when prospects view your website?
When prospects visit your website, they will decide within a few short seconds if they're going to continue looking around - or if they'll hit the "back" button to check out your competitors. Cornelia Luethi shares some simple tips on how to build trust online within this short space of time.
25 May 2015
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For decades business owners have wanted a magic wand for their marketing: the quick, easy, cost-effective campaign that brings scores of new customers through the door with zero effort and minimal cost. Cornelia Luethi looks at the pros and cons of the latest magic wand - One Day Offers. Should you use them? And if so, what should you be wary of?
21 Oct 2013