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A bit about myself

Craig Dewe is the Web Marketing Outlaw... at least that's what his mum calls him. He helps business owners make more sales from their websites by increasing website conversion.

This means instead of focusing on getting more and more traffic... he shows you how to turn your website visitors into loyal clients using simple and effective strategies that any business can implement.

My content

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Building trust with potential customers is essential if you are going to get them to buy from you. Craig Dewe suggests some smart ways to do this.
13 Apr 2017
Bad Business Date
Why is it that we have a clear set of criteria for who we want to date but often forget to do the same for choosing clients to work with. Particularly when we spend so much time at work! Craig Dewe explains the importance of getting clear on your ideal client and the benefits of selecting them.
31 Jul 2015
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If you are labouring under the impression your customers care about your business, Craig Dewe has some shocking news for you.
05 Sep 2014
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Often people like what we have to say and even want to buy our products... yet they don’t end up buying. One of the big reasons people don’t follow through is because of procrastination. In this article you’ll learn how to move people over the procrastination hump and get them to buy right now.
30 Jan 2013
With so many things competing for your site vistor's time, Craig Dewe points out it's imperative to catch their interest immediately - and he shows you how.
02 Jan 2013