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A bit about myself

Debbie Mayo-Smith is a leading specialist in email and Internet marketing and a keynote speaker, consultant and trainer on marketing and business development.  She is also the author of a number of excellent books on marketing practices every home business should be using, including one taking you step-by-step through the process of creating your own email newsletter and sending it to your customer database.

My content

Marketing gurus agree telling a really good story helps to sell you and/or your product. Debbie Mayo-Smith give you some practical pointers to help you apply this in your business.
19 Jul 2017
Smart Phone
Your Smart Phone need not be just a fancy toy or cool accessory. Debbie Mayo-Smith points out some uses you may not have thought of which turn it into a valuable business tool.
29 Jul 2015
Image on Bizbuzz
How do you really, REALLY, get a return on your investment in trade shows? Email marketing guru Debbie Mayo-Smith lets slip some secrets.
25 Aug 2014
Email marketing can be the home business's best tool - but getting it wrong can do more harm than good. Debbie Mayo-Smith takes a light-hearted look at what NOT to do ...
04 Feb 2014
Increase the value of your business
Even a lifestyle entrepreneur can sell a business for more if the value is built into the business on a daily basis. Debbie Mayo-Smith lets you in on some simple secrets which can add dollars to the bottom line when you sell up.
13 May 2013