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Hannah Samuel, The Reputation Champion, is a specialist reputation advisor, professional speaker, author and founder of online performance-based service directory, TRUSTcite. She regularly comments on issues around reputation, trust and customer experiences in mainstream media and on her blog

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We all make snap judgements about others - but can you influence someone else's first impressions of you? Hannah Samuel thinks so, and explains how you can help them come to a fair conclusion.
20 Jun 2017
Image courtesy of Doninik Gwarek freeimages.com
Testimonials are a great marketing tool, but often not used as effectively as they could be. Hannah Samuel has some tips to help you get the most from the good things clients say about you.
15 Feb 2017
Boy's feet in dad's shoes
It's a line often trotted out to business newbees, but are these words of wisdom? Hannah Samuel thinks not - or at least, not always
02 Nov 2015
Lightbulb idea
Before you bring something "new" to your business, it's worth checking that's really what your customers want. All too often, Hannah Samuel says, it's not ....
14 Aug 2015
Using technology to communicate makes the whole process quicker, cheaper and easier - but sometimes that is precisely why we end up not using it as effectively as we should. Hannah Samuel suggests a change in focus might be in order.
18 May 2015