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Michael Smyth is the owner of www.approachablelawyer.com and is a practising barrister specialising in employment and business law. If you want to stumble across a library of valuable information about running your business head down to www.approachablelawyer.com and read more of his articles.

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Company policies on file
The time to make sure you don't run into problems with employees not behaving the way you want them to, is before the trouble starts. Michael Smyth explains what you need in place to make managing employee behaviour much easier and more effective.
15 May 2017
Many small business owners find out too late - when they come to sell their business - that it's not worth what they thought it was. Michael Smyth helps you make sure it doesn't happen to you
15 Jan 2016
Calculating income and expenses
When you find yourself with more bills than cash to pay them with, Michael Smyth identifies some useful options you can use to throw your business a lifeline and ease the cashflow.
08 May 2015
Image on Bizbuzz
If you suspect your competitors aren't playing fairly when it comes to advertising their services in comparison to yours, there are things you can do says Michael Smyth
21 Jul 2014
Providing a guarantee to a lender or creditor, whether for your own business or on behalf of someone else, can be riskier than you realise. Michael Smyth shows you how to limit that risk by negotiating appropriate terms.
16 Jan 2013