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Robyn Pearce is an International Time Management Specialist with offices in Auckland and Sydney. She confesses to being an expert in time management as a direct result of having made every mistake in the book (and survived). She's the author of "Getting a Grip on Time" and other time management books, and is a regular speaker on the Asian Pacific circuit.

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Has it ever happened that when the summer holidays have disappeared in a hot ball of sun, you catch yourself saying: ‘It can’t be that close to the next holidays already! I’m still catching up with the ‘beginning of year’ backlog!’ Or perhaps you’re one of the truly organised ones, who never feels behind-hand. If so, this article is not for you. We’re going to talk about strategies to cope with that ugly feeling of overload in your daily work.
28 Jun 2017
Standing out in a crowd
As we rush headlong towards the silly season, Robyn Pearce suggests that going against the trend can actually put you in a better place - one where you are ahead of the game and better off because of it.
18 Nov 2015
Are you always late for meetings? Or effortlessly early? Robyn Pearce puts it down to the kind of person you are - and suggests, if you are never anywhere on time, that you can reform that bad habit of always arriving late!
28 Oct 2015
Karaka sheep farm
A tidy desk, so they say, is the sign of a tidy mind. And it's often not just the desk, but the whole office, that needs a tidy-up. The task can seem daunting, but to farm-girl Robyn Pearce, a bit of old-fashioned rural wisdom can equally well be applied to the job at hand.
09 Jul 2015
Email is an important part of business communication, but if you are being ruled by your inbox, it might be time to make some changes. Robyn Pearce suggests some strategies.
25 Jul 2013