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I'll let my clients do the talking!


Maurice helped us designing our web site and spent a few hours tutoring us so we feel quite confident maintaining our web site ourselves. We found Maurice friendly, helpful and very patient. 100% recommended!


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Hi, Lynnette here, Director of Treegifts.co.nz Ltd. We started the business in 2005 and the business continues to grow (mind the pun) from strength to strength. Would love to talk to like minded business people out there in the New Zealand marketplace.

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Nicole Bishop, Ph.D, is Founder and Managing Director of the Writerfind website, which lists professional freelance writers who are available for work globally. She has a background in education and communication.

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Dr Lewis J. O. McGill is a Personal Achievement Coach and Mental Skills Coach.

Lewis has a holistic approach to clients. He has worked for many years with athletes, ranging from learners through to the elite. He also works with referees and umpires. He has established a consultancy...

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Sales Training GURU Jean Barr has worked her sales magic for over 36 years, in top companies on 3 continents. Jean started her company Top Achievers Sales Training four years ago with a mission in mind; to change the way companies see their sales staff, and the...

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Hi. My name is Kaz I design & carve unique pieces of jewellery from jade and gemstones. I live on the West Coast of New Zealand in Hokitika which is known as "jade country"

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Sandra Batley is an award-winning landscape designer who has been creating stylish, innovative gardens in Auckland since 2000. Sandra set up Flourish Garden Concepts Ltd 3 years ago. She specialise's in designing urban residential gardens, in particular contemporary courtyards and New Zealand...

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Anything Baby brings local knowledge and information to local parents. We aim to give parents information on all aspects of pregnancy and parenting, including things that might be seen as 'alternative'.


We want to have all the information local parents could need, so we...

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Having a beautiful smile is not comprised of merely white teeth. When one smiles one should also have straight teeth but not all of us are gifted of this. Most of us use braces as a kid but how do we find the right clinic when getting braces? Helena wanted her child to have perfect white and...

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Steven Gardner runs DeepWeb Web Design, a home based web design business that caters to home and small business, providing web design, maintenance and consulting services. Follow the link to Deepweb and get in contact with Steven about your needs in the Internet world. A quote page is available...

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P>Read the rest of this article at SEEK, the leading employment site in New Zealand. SEEK has thousands of jobs in all industries, right around the country. Job seekers can also find a range of free services and resources, including online publication of your resume, an email service that...