Beestings: Grab success with both hands now

We all define success differently, but no matter what it is to you, it can sometimes seem just out of reach. This week's guaranteed-under-two-minute-read has tips and tools to help you reach your goals and puts the spotlight on some award-winners to inspire you.

Article of the week

Franchises can be great turn-key businesses but buying one is not necessarily a guarantee of success. Claire Tyler explains what to look for if you are thinking of becoming a franchisee (and this information is useful for anyone looking to franchise their business in the long run too).

Also popular:

Basic manners go a long way in business, and while saying "thank you" can sometimes seem unnecessary, Clive Litten explains how remembering what your mum taught you about gratitude makes really good business sense. And if you feel stuck in a rut, Phil Astley helps you get a breath of fresh air so you can break out of it and get on with doing what you do best.

Tip of the week

When success seems elusive, it's worth stepping back and looking at why that's the case. Are you clear about your business's objective? Are you trying to do too many things or serve too many markets? Do you (really) know how to get there? Are you choosing the most important steps and making sure you are doing them well? Is everyone involved focusing on the same goal? Getting back to basics, having really clear goals, choosing a few key steps and implementing them really well can make all the difference. Take a few minutes every week to create clarity and purpose. Then direct your time and energy into achieving your goals and don't waste those precious resources on distractions.

Hot spot of the week
Talking of success, we've just announced the finalists in this year's David Awards. They represent the best of New Zealand's small and micro businesses, come from all over the country, and from all sorts of industries - and they are all standouts in their field. Our heartiest congratulations to all of them! See who they are here, and keep an eye out for the winners who will be named on 12 October.

Quote of the week

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.
- Jim Rohn

Wishing you success and fulfilment!
Heather and the Bizbuzz Team